Do you own a company and looking for security solutions for that company? Then, go for a guard tour patrol system which is an advanced cloud-based technology and it is a way that ensures your security system is effective and keeps the guards productive and accountable.

This software application is mostly used by the property managers, security companies and organizations. There is an option for you to choose for as there are two types of guard tour systems available for smartphones including android phones, IOS and Windows. The wand tour guard system and cloud-based guard tour systems are the different systems for security solutions.

Coming to the wand tour guard system, it is the manual version where the security guards need equipment and they need to work hard to get accurate results and also keep the business or building success and running. It completely relies on the use of handheld devices.

Now, this cloud-based guard tour system is the advanced version and we’ll have accurate results on the works of the clients. This advanced technology is been used with the help of single equipment that is nothing but a smartphone with cloud technology.

Actually, the thing is any business owner has the two options that can allow you to track guard activity and make sure that each guard is making their rounds on the patrol route as required. The main thing you need to do is to create a patrol route with specific checkpoints that the security guard needs to stop and scan at. With cloud-based technology, the security guards will be able to record real-time events, send SOS alerts and reports instantaneously. You have the advantage, as the information will be stored on the cloud and it is not required to install the software on your computer.

Here are some benefits any business owner will have when using cloud-based software technology. Have a glance:

  1. It improves accountability:

This advanced cloud-based technology gives you access to critical and accurate information that allows you to analyze and detect the effectiveness of your system. It is possible to check the timings when a guard has executed his tour. You can also spot trends such as missed checkpoints and inspections. It improves accountability among your security guards. With this, you’ll have reliable and accurate data of their activity at your very fingertips at any time.   

  1. It offers automation:

With this cloud-based guard tour technology, you can automate the whole process by allowing security guards to log all their reports on a stealthy mobile device. The data or the information is directly conveyed to the business owner or manager immediately and automatically.

  1. Maintains and access an accurate history log:

This system allows you to maintain an accurate record of all security logs and reports. The every guard tour that he has executed should start using the system and it is stored in a secure database that’s easy to access via a desktop or smart mobile device.


The best way to keep your officers accountable is to switch to cloud-based software technology that keeps your life happier and easier.

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