SEO can add wings to your business and help it ‘take-off’ on the world wide web. In a nutshell, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosts traffic on your website, thereby increasing chances of conversion and gradually building brand trust and credibility. SEO falls under organic advertising practices of digital marketing. If you’re a small business owner, a pioneer in the industry, an e-commerce giant or a newbie who has just begun, SEO is for you.

We all turn to Google or any other search engine for first hand information on any topic. If a customer is looking for a product/service and your business is providing that product/service, then SEO ensures that your page ranks higher when the same product/service is searched for on a search engine. Higher ranking of your page in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is a need because the Click Through Rate (CTR) on the top results is much much higher.

Look at it this way, more traffic means more potential customers which in turn means more leads and conversions and eventually increase in profits. SEO may not offer statistics and analytics like ‘paid advertising’ but it works behind the curtain building your ‘online reputation’ which goes a long way in growing your business. SEO can help in business growth by diverting the required volume and quantity of traffic you need on your website. A good SEO does not comprise just optimizing search engine results but also an effort to improve user experience which in-turn improves ‘customer retention’ and decreases ‘bounce rates’ off your webpages.

SEO can be broadly classified into two categories. On-page SEO includes use of keywords for better search rankings. Keyword optimization being the main component of on-page SEO clubs with other elements like meta-data, meta-description, content, text, media, URL structure and the website’s flow and structure. It is more about what appears on the screen when a webpage is opened in the browser. Off-page SEO usually involves back-linking, social media links and it looks at the authority of your website/page on the internet.

At this level, SEO is not just limited to just a few techniques. It is growing its branches and is now comprised of a wholesome experience that includes your website, your brand’s online reputation and your performance in your niche. Market is flooded with hundred other players running the same business, selling the same product/service as yours. Why should a customer pick your website over others? What will make you stand out amongst the competitors? What will get your business noticed on the web? Well, the answer is the three letter acronym; SEO.