The type of window glass that you choose for your home will grow to be more important as time progresses. Learning about the different functions of glass for your window will help you make informed decisions about what to choose for your home. As you may well know, you need to properly choose your windows in order to get the most out of its ventilation and light-giving capabilities. A house without a window can be suffocating for the members of the household so here are your options to choose from based on types of glass. 


Float Glass

One of the most basic types of window glass, the float glass is aptly named after the process of which it is made. It is manufactured by processing and forming molten glass into large and smooth panels. Molten glass is floated during the manufacturing process which can produce large sheets or panels of glass. If you want a smooth finish for your window glass, this is what you should pick. 


Aside from being affordable, it is a great starting point for your home since it is a quality window that does not sacrifice its functionality with style. It is also capable of being used for applications like glass doors and other panels. 


Laminated Glass

This window glass is best for applications that require extra security because of its Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) material. It is a window glass type of high strength and durability. It is processed by the use of heat and pressure which is then fused to create this very strong panel. Laminated glass technology is the same that is used to protect your vehicle’s windshield. 


Insulated Glass

For environmentally friendly homes, insulated glass is their first choice. This is made popular because of its capabilities of being efficient in energy. This window glass is usually laminated or tempered with additional properties that you cannot find on the aforementioned window glass types. It also has a drying agent called a desiccant which will maintain dryness on your windowpane even if condensation build-up can happen in between it. Because of this, heating and cooling costs will be reduced which is why it rates high as energy-efficient window glass. 

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is made through the slow cooling process of float glass. It is an intricate and meticulous process that is used to strengthen the glass. Annealing is done so that the stress is reduced if the glass has been subject to quick cooling. As strong as it may be, it is still prone to breaking since it is still glass but annealed glass is not suitable for those who would not want shards of glass strewn about if it becomes broken. 


Tempered Glass

One of the strongest window glass types found on this list is the tempered glass. This type is also created through annealing then cut in the desired size, and lastly, it is then tempered. Since tempered glass cannot be cut instantly, this process is done just after annealing. The glass is subjected to high heat that can span from 550 to 1200 degrees then it is quickly cooled. It will go through rigorous testing before it is released to the market since an unstable tempered glass can easily break if it undergoes even minor stress.


Tinted Glass

Once you hear tinted glass, you will automatically think about the glass that is used for car windows. This type of window glass is used when coloring is added. This application is done for design, privacy, and ventilation purposes. It is also very useful as protection against harmful and dangerous ultraviolet rays. 


Tinted glass is also used for decorative panels and skylights. Opting to use tinted glass will increase your privacy by a mile, depending on the tint, but it can be a dark alternative if you use too much tint. So this is what you should consider if you would want this type for your home. 

Obscured Glass

If you wanted a window glass that is decorative and functional at the same time, you should opt for obscured glass. This type comes with patterns such as coated, etched, frosted, and more. Obscured glass is perfect for rooms that require high privacy like your bathroom. It is designed so you would see a mere or faint shadow of what’s behind the window. This is perfect for those who would want to have the value of privacy and a well-designed window as well. 

Key Takeaway

If you are shopping around for the ideal windows that will be fit to your home, these are the types of glass that you should consider. Not only are they great applications of design for your house but also serve fully functional capabilities that can prove to be beneficial for your whole family. Use this as a guide if you are thinking about the type of glass for your window!