Smartphone forensic tools are in demand to meet the forensically conditions in order to get data or digital evidence through a mobile device. These tools come in a package and in the platform from where you can make sure each and every detail, and can even store data. The tools include android forensics software, and other options according to your demand. Buy a package of tools to ensure what you are going to investigate. But buying a package is a wide decision as you can use it in further cases when you require.  

Know what is offered in smart phone forensics processing?

Android Forensics: Android mobile phones are most famous in the world, and offer multiple digital evidence. While processing the android devices, one has to choose a wide array of techniques to get access to various devices.

  • Android imaging
  • Boot loaders
  • Rooting android

IOS Forensics: Dealing with the IOS mobile devices is quite complicated. There are difficult blocks on files access to mass migration to the cloud. While dealing with IOS mobile devices, one has to make sure key to get the most possible data and information.

  • Apple keychain data
  • Logical imaging
  • File system and jailbreak support

Cloud Forensics: The most of the data shifts to cloud as it seems to be highly secured and paramount for doing the investigation. There is a need of certain tools to detect data through it.

  • GSuite
  • IOT Data
  • Social Media

App analysis: The maximum data is spent on using apps. Reviewing this data is a discrete decision, but you need to choose the multiple devices to check data significantly.

  • Parsing data
  • SQLite
  • Malware Scanning

Chip Dump Bypass: Ability to bypass locks on the mobile devices is one of the complicated thing to do. The firmware protection methods should be renews to capture the data from device, and chip dumb bypass is the newer technology to take into account.

  • Spreadtrum
  • MediaTekk
  • QuallComm EDM

Review and report: Other than doing the investigation, one of the important things which must be considered by the expert is the reporting of what he or she has done. Using the latest technology for showing what has done in the process is a good idea. Make sure that you are considering the step of review and report cautiously, and reporting what you have reviewed in a significant manner.

The report must be clear, concise, and catchy, so choose the top class tools in the same platform and package you choose to do smartphone forensics.  

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