When it comes to construction services there’s so much that’s covered such as exterior waterproofingmasonry work Brooklynplumbing services Brooklyn NY and more. Though each of these have their own importance, today, we will focus on plumbing solutions exclusively. To know its areas, nothing could be better than peeping into the tool-kit of a typical plumber.

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Sounds interesting? Let’s begin…

1. Channel locks: Also known as tongue and groove pliers; these have taken the place of pipe wrenches for most of the plumbers. Two channel locks are used by the technicians at the same time. While one stabilizes the pipe, other unscrews it.

2. Pipe wrench: It is old and gold, as they aid in dealing with multiple applications. There are various types of pipe wrenches and each of them have their own purpose. Also, all these types have different sizes.

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3. Basin wrench: It is tiny and self-tightening. It helps to replace and repair old facets. Upgraded models have a telescoping shank that has 90 degree position for accuracy.

4. Hole saw: It is used to cut holes in masonry, wood and concrete.

5. Hose cutter: It is used to cut shapes and sizes in copper tubing.

6. Rib-joint pliers: Adjustable in nature, this tool turns pipes, nuts, fittings and bolts. Not to skip, it is a dependable gripper too.

7. Drain augers: When plunger says no to work, auger comes in action. It has a coiled-up metal cable with a crank that is meant to rotate and push the cable at same time.

8. Metal file: It smoothes the rough edges after a metal pipe is cut.

9. Fire-resistant cloth: Being the line of defense, it saves nearby combustible surfaces from catching fire and resulting in hazards.

And we are done with the unwrapping of a plumber’s bag. You may find the list quite confined but these equipment are the reason behind your comfortable living. Planning to buy these and serve yourself? We suggest letting the plumbers do their work and trust them when in need, as attempting without knowledge may annoy you more.

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