As a new parent, most of us are expected by the people around us to be responsible for taking care of our own child. But how do we really learn about what we should do for instances like when a baby cries out of nowhere and you don’t know the reason why they are crying? 

One of the best solutions to help a crying baby is to consult your doctor or your parents. But in this COVID-19 situation, how will you adjust to the new rules being imposed like social distancing and self-quarantine? How will you know and use the newborn essentials that are needed here in the Philippines? Here are a few tips on how to take care of your baby during a pandemic.

Soothe your baby

Gently calm your baby. Sing a lullaby or try to give them either breast milk or any food that they can eat. Carry them in your arms, caress their tiny bodies or just simply hold them. These methods may or may not work and in case that all of these attempts are making you feel tired, make sure to take care of yourself too and relax. A safe sleep environment, lessens the chances of a crying baby so start building this kind of sleeping space by using just two sets of sheets and a pillowcase. Always remember that it is better to have fewer items in terms of our baby’s bedroom because if you have more things like stuffed toys, blankets, and pillows, our baby’s risk for sudden infant death syndrome may increase and we don’t want that to happen.

Get enough rest

In most cases, new parents focus their attention more on their newborn babies and tend to neglect themselves. They want to provide all of what they can for their baby even if they are already exhausted. The problem is, if you do not have enough energy for the next day, you will not be strong enough to spend the entire day taking care of your baby and might feel grumpy or easily angered by the small things. Parents should get as much sleep and rest as their babies.

Talk to a friend

Communicate with the people who matter to you. Social distancing may be an issue nowadays but there are other ways to reach your loved ones like through social media platforms or mobile phones. Send them a private message, initiate a voice call, or if you really miss them do a video call. If you are the person being reached out to, make sure to listen and be empathetic to the new parents before telling them your ideas. Try to put yourself on their shoes so that you would know how to better react and console them with their new roles.

Seek assistance

Anyone around you can be of help for you and your newborn baby. Your relatives will always lend a hand whenever you ask them to. Let them know that you trust and know that they will take good care of your baby and show them the love that they need like how they did to you when you were younger. One newborn essential that can be acquired from other people is to borrow or inform them that your baby needs only three sets of baby clothes that are made of cotton because they will definitely outgrow these in time. Other examples of newborn essentials in the Philippines that are often used are tie sides, mittens, caps or bonnets.

Be emotionally stable

There is a high chance that new parents may experience depression especially if they are having a hard time raising their newborn baby. In times like this, talking to your doctor or to someone you trust is essential. Some parents may be overthinking about the pandemic and how it may affect their children’s lives but with the right amount of courage and bravery, let us have faith that all of what seems like a downfall will eventually help us to develop ourselves in the future. It is true that it is difficult to cope up with the COVID-19 situation but being optimistic also doesn’t bring any harm so why not try to think and be positive.

Practice generosity

Give what you can. You might not realize that you have so much unless you see or encounter other people who are struggling with life either financially, emotionally, or physically. If you know anyone who has a newborn baby, ask them how you can help them. Let them know that you are always ready if ever they need to buy anything like milk, diapers, or any newborn essentials. You can also assist them with their other chores like feeding the dogs, cleaning up the house, or washing the dishes.

Join a community

Look for a community and join them so that you can share and ask about each and others’ insights about being new parents. This way, you can learn from the experiences of mothers like you and apply them with your own baby. Not only will you be informed about the different tips and strategies but you will also share the same feeling with them specifically in trying times when you feel like you do not know if you are doing the right thing or not.

Consult your doctor

Everyone will be there for you, including your pediatrician. Always ask them if you have any questions or concerns about your baby. They have studied very well and educated themselves about everything we need to know in terms of taking care of our children. You could also consult them if ever you are feeling depressed or unsure whether you are fulfilling your duty as a parent.

Key Takeaway

A crying baby may cause different reactions to different types of people. Some may be happy to know that their baby is alive and crying, some may be frustrated because they cannot figure out why their baby is acting that way, or some may be mad at the baby as well as to themselves due to the stress that they experience as a new parent. All of these can be a reason for someone to have trauma and worse, to end their suffering by executing themselves.

However, if we learn and educate ourselves on the things that we have to improve on, especially when you know that this will be the first time you will be a parent, any type of trauma or suffering can be prevented. Equip yourself with the newborn essentials and follow these tips on how to take care of your baby during a pandemic for a better and stress-free life.