A men’s watch is not the only thing that you should have in order to upgrade your style. Accessories and style pieces will help you stay utterly stylish and ready for any event, whether it is formal or informal. No matter what you choose to wear, these timeless pieces will surely help you upgrade your charm and appearance. Without further ado, here are the 7 items to help you improve your style. 


White Dress Shirt

This simple top is one of the most iconic style pieces for men because you can match this with almost anything. A white dress shirt is just a plain piece but it gives off an elegant and stylish feel. It is also very clean and it can make people think that you know very well how to take care of yourself because of the aura that you give. It also gives you the opportunity to match it with other colored pieces that you can highlight from your outfit. Investing in a white collared dress shirt will surely go a long way for your wardrobe. 



Glasses are for everyone even if you don’t like wearing them often. Not only is it severely stylish but it is very functional as well. One of the options you can choose for your sunglasses is the wayfarer. This is a style icon back in the 50’s that can still upgrade your style today. You can go for square glasses if you would prefer an indie look. However, you should make sure that you choose glasses that are fit for the shape of your face. 


Solid-Color Tie

Nothing says dapper more than a suit and tie. If you are preparing to go somewhere formal, you should have a solid-color tie at your disposal. It will give personality to an otherwise generic outfit since this will serve as the highlight of your style. This is also perfect if you want to dress up for work. You might be asking why this specific kind of tie? Well, it’s because it simply fits any occasion. Patterned ties can get old fast and it can only do so much to increase the style of your outfit. Stick with the solid color and this will be a good way to upgrade your suit and tie combo. 


Classic Sneakers

Sneakers are not just casual style pieces anymore since you can also use them with formal wear. Minimalist sneakers can make your outfit better and it can also give you that laid back look. This pair of shoes helps any guy keep sharp and quick on their feet as well. If you are gunning for both comfort and style, you should definitely purchase a nice pair of sneaks for your wardrobe. 



A men’s watch can symbolize status, personality, and of course, style. This is one of the classic pieces that are simple yet very stylish. You don’t need to have that luxurious price tag to get a watch that suits your personality well. Just make sure to choose one that will help you upgrade your style no matter what outfit you wear for the day. It has been a well-known fact that watches can indeed refine a man’s wardrobe no matter what style you may choose because this can definitely reflect your personality. Whether you choose a minimalist or an extravagant style, a watch will still remain stylish and functional for any occasion. 



These dress shoes are known to highlight a man’s outfit no matter what event he is going to. The leather loafers can help you improve the style of your outfit simply because it is a classic in its own right. Its minimal details are not a weakness for this piece because this is what made it iconic for men around the world. Investing in loafers will be your best shot in upgrading your style, be it in a professional setting or for formal functions. 


Slim Jeans

On those days when you don’t feel like dressing up but you still want to look cool for everyone. Slim jeans can help you do just that. There is nothing more stylish than a pair of well-fitted jeans for men. This casual piece can be paired with button down tops, t-shirts, or even dress shirts. If you are just going out for errands, then you shouldn’t bother going over the top with your outfit. 


Key Takeaway

If you are not used to going the extra mile with your style then use this as a guide for your next shopping spree. A man that thinks about his style also takes care of himself well so you should invest in these fashion pieces that can help you stay sharp and stylish all throughout. Aside from the items listed here, there are many more iconic fashion pieces that you should try which you should ask about at your local stores.