A marriage loan is a personal loan for a wedding that is procured from the bank in order
to facilitate the marriage process. Avail the best marriage loan with Buddy Loan,
know your credit score and get maximum benefits with it.
Depending on the various providers’ eligibility criteria, the applicant may get any amount
up to 15Lakhs. Look out for the provider that will give you the best personal loans for
weddings. The instant marriage loan is beneficial to the applicant in various ways as it
enables you to have a wedding backed up by a strong financial backing.
When you apply for a wedding loan, the following are some of the benefits you enjoy
Predictable repayment schedule:
When you apply for a wedding loan, you get to discuss your repayment schedule and
the expected EMIs. In this regard, your repayment schedule is agreed to by both
parties. You, therefore, agree to it knowing if it will be comfortable for you. This
repayment schedule is therefore predictable to you, and you get to plan your finances
 Lower interest rate
When you are applying for a marriage loan, you can negotiate for lower interest rates
based on your credit score, and your relationship with the bank. The interest rates for
the marriage loan are also not very high, and thus, you can apply for a personal loan for
the wedding.
 Short disbursal time
When you apply for a buddy loan, usually the bank disburses the money in a short
period of time. This ensures that you get your money in a concise period. This is an
advantage to the applicant as they will have their money in a short turnaround time.
 Does not require collateral
Since instant marriage loans are like personal loans in nature, the applicant does not
require attaching any collateral. This makes it easier for the applicant when applying for
the loan.
 Longer repayment tenure
Marriage loans allow for a more extended repayment period. This is comfortable for the
applicant as you can plan your finances and finish paying the loan in a period that is
 Higher limits of borrowing and a short processing time
When applying for a marriage loan, the applicants enjoy the benefit of getting higher
amounts of the loan than while using credit cards. They also get to enjoy a shorter
processing time for their loan application. This means that they can have money as fast
enough in a short period.