It is a scary time to visit an attending doctor to see how your health is doing. The fear that coronavirus has instilled in people is unprecedented which is why everyone is taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from the virus. With people being locked inside their homes, self-quarantine is a commonplace act that must be exercised to err on the side of caution. Because it is essential that each individual is making informed decisions during these times so let us talk about how you can effectively isolate yourself to lessen the risk of contracting the virus.


Monitor your symptoms

If you are feeling unwell, do not hesitate to call an attending doctor or a hotline provided by a Local Government Unit. It would be wise for you to ask for help during this time. Once the doctor has asked you to monitor your symptoms and self-quarantine, do not resist it and just follow his directive. 


Stay at home and assign a dedicated family member to shop for essentials during this period. It would be best if only one person goes outside for groceries or to go out and buy medicine. 


Stay in a separate room away from your family

Isolate yourself from the rest of the people in your home if you are exhibiting symptoms of the virus and the doctor just recommends that you self-quarantine. Usually, it is recommended that you quarantine for 14 days and see if your symptoms have mutated into other forms during that period. 


Stay in a separate room and do not interact with them yet. It would be difficult to do so because isolation is not an ideal situation for anyone, but you just need to soldier on and think that it’s for your safety as well as your family. 


Avoid sharing utensils

It is normal to have the same set of utensils for everyone at home but during the self-quarantine period, avoid sharing them with the rest of your family. Coronavirus transmission is made possible because of droplets in surfaces or direct exposure to these droplets. Better to be safe than sorry so protect everyone by practicing a little prudence in terms of your utensils. 


Wash your hands

The call to wash your hands is more pronounced than ever. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20-30 seconds and if you’re feeling a little extra, then use a hand sanitizer after. You can never be too careful because this virus can be ruthless to everyone. Washing your hands every day can make a difference for people who want to remain virus-free. 


Even before the coronavirus has plagued the lives of people, doctors have advised time and again that washing your hands is a good measure to protect your health. 


Wear a mask

The simple act of wearing a face mask can save your life. There are people who do not like the idea of being restricted by a mask but it would do you good to follow the footsteps of those who use masks to protect themselves from the virus. Surgical or N95 masks are useful protection during these times. 


Disinfect the areas in your home

Even if you are just staying at home, it would still be a good precaution to disinfect all the areas of your home. If people come in and out of the house, this should encourage you more to clean and disinfect. It wouldn’t kill you to mop off dirt from your floors, clean the tables with disinfectant or wipe off germs from chairs etcetera. Your home is now your safe space so make sure to take care of it as well. 


Stay Physically Active

Staying at home means you can have more time to exercise. With DIY workouts readily available online, this would be possible to do as a daily routine. Not to mention that staying physically active can help you ward off sickness. Allot time for your workout session and do not forget to drink water. 


Use messaging apps to talk to your loved ones

Isolation can greatly affect your mental health so it would help if you sustain your communication with the people closest to you. Be honest with yourself when you’re not feeling okay or when the fear of contracting the virus and transmitting it can be too much. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. It would do you good to talk to people and relate to them during this challenging time. 


Key Takeaway

For people who need to self-quarantine, it may seem like a daunting task at first but the benefits are monumental especially if you succeed in protecting yourself against the virus. Look ahead and see how staying at home can help you live. Avoid going outside for now because it is unsafe. It is infinitely better to be locked in than to be confined in a hospital with a disease.