Getting medicine during a lockdown can be difficult for many. Not many drug stores are open due to lockdown policies. Learning how to get your medicine during the lockdown is important especially if you have medicine for maintenance and more. There are many ways to do it and you can do it safely if you’re careful. Here’s how you can do it. 


Check Online


Your best source of information is online. A quick search will let you know which drug stores are open and which are not. Search up your preferred drug store online and see if they have a website or facebook page. These businesses will usually post updates about this. Thankfully, drug stores are essentials during the lockdown. Most of them will be open, especially if they’re located outside malls. 


If nearby branches are closed, you can check other branches online for alternatives. Most people have access to the internet and there should be ample information online if you require your medicine.


Call Your Drug Store


If you have the contact number to your preferred drugstore, it’s better to call them on their hotline if they’re open. A customer service representative is more than willing to assist you with your needs during this pandemic. They will let you know all the necessary information you might require at the given time. During the call you can ask for schedules and deliveries if possible. You may even ask if the medicine is available in store or if it’s available for pre-order. Most drug stores have a way to get medicine to their patrons and will surely help you during your time of need. 




If you’re unable to drop by your drug store, your next option is to order your medicine. This can be done online or through the phone. Depending on your drug store they can have different modes of payment. Cash on delivery and online debit and credit are the usual. To be safe, online payments are better since you interact less with the courier for your safety. When you receive your medicine, make sure that you’re wearing a mask before interacting with your courier. After receiving it, there’s a proper way to open the package and disinfect the item. When you first get your package, open it immediately and throw away the packaging. Place the product in a clean and sanitized area after throwing away the initial packaging. Wash your hands and as an extra precaution, sanitize the outside of the product with alcohol. Your drugstore will never sell you a contaminated or opened product. Make sure to inspect your medicine well. It should be properly sealed. If not, return the product as soon as possible to avoid cross contamination at home. 


Going To The Store


Going to the store is the best way you can access the medicine you need immediately. Once again, there’s a safe way to do this to prevent you from getting sick. First you need to check which branch and what time it’s open. It’s advisable to wake up a bit early to get started if social distancing is still being implemented. You can expect a long line when you get there. It’s a good idea to bring alcohol and a reusable water bottle with water while waiting. The alcohol will disinfect anything you touch and the water will hydrate you while you wait. If you think the line is particularly long, bringing a small stool won’t hurt. Be equipped with a mask and a face shield before heading over to the store. Make sure you also have your prescriptions on hand and don’t be afraid to make a list to check if you have everything you need. Now all you need is to wait until you get to the counter. If you’re getting over the counter medicine, make sure that you’re in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Otherwise, keeping alcohol handy will keep your hands free from potential pathogens while you wait. 


Disinfecting Your Items


As soon as you get into your car, you will need to disinfect your hands as soon as possible. While driving avoid touching your face, nose, mouth, and eyes. Once you get home, it’s a good idea to disinfect your shoes and throw your clothes in the wash as soon as possible to avoid infection. Then you may proceed to disinfect the outer packaging of your medicine. Once again, you need to check if its properly sealed for your safety. After disinfecting your medicine, you may proceed to disinfect all the surfaces you’ve touched. This includes your car, car keys, door knobs, and countertops. You can use disinfectant wipes or alcohol for this purpose. After that, it’s advisable to take a shower after all of this to ensure your safety. 


Key Takeaway

How to get your medicine during lockdown is important if you’re an individual with a condition or if you have a family member that needs maintenance medicine. However, you can still be prone outdoors. As much as possible try ordering online to be safe but if you need to go outside, you can follow the guidelines above.