Yes, the introduction of computer did revolutionize the working procedure all across the world. The same level of change is visible with smartphones. You will not get any kind of obstructions in carrying out work through smartphones. Lots of smart features are a part of your intelligent phone. Through it, one can perform the office related work and manage e-mails also. With it, there is a surge of Android forensics software experts making sure that cybercrime is contained.

It is quite necessary because of the smartphones even bad elements attempt in stealing valuable information from the device. Mostly, the scrupulous and hackers do not get scared of stealing the information. This is because a large number of people are completely aloof of numerous risk factors.  

Let’s understand the different ways an Android phone is used for committing a cybercrime –  

Simply put professional’s mention of two ways Android is used for committing a cybercrime. It is mentioned below –

  • Most of the hackers do target Android Phones.
  • For Cyber Crime activities Android devices are made use of.

For better understanding, the professional carrying out Mobile forensics-related work, narrate about the use of smartphone in cybercrimes. 

It is mentioned below –

Software theft – 

It is the most common version of online fraud or theft. If the codes of the relevant software are stolen, then your enemy will inflict maximum damages. Due to it, you will suffer a greater amount of losses. In the upcoming chain of events, the rival will not mind purchasing expensive source code for your software.

Smartphones encompass a large volume of relevant information – 

One can easily load the source code of particular software onto their smart mobile phones. Although, there are security guards and different sort of mechanisms present for carrying out the inspection process. Having said this, in general term scrutiny of the smartphones is not carried out. Due to which the valuable information is siphoned to the other person, without detection.

Financial Crimes – 

In this modern age, the banks are looking forward to developing banking and other types of financial applications. This is carried out for assisting all the mobile customers making use of these applications. Over here the Android mobile forensics software expert mentions that hackers make use of the applications for carrying out malicious activities. No wonder, if the investigator of a financial crime immediately seizes all the smartphones.

Now, let’s understand about different locations in a smartphone from where valuable information is achieved –

  • Phone Browser Memory.
  • Application Storage.
  • External Card.
  • SMS
  • GPS Data.
  • Call Records.
  • Contact List.
  • Social Networking Application. Like – Facebook, Twitter, Orkut.
  • Messenger Records. Like – Yahoo, MSN.
  • Email Client Data.