Digital marketing is no longer an option, it must be an integral part of any business strategy. Why you invest in digital marketing? Here are some reasons (because) to choose digital marketing in Reunion.

A digital marketing agency refers to all the marketing techniques used on digital channels to promote your offer. It also includes the entire technical ecosystem that allows you to personalize an offer. It could be :

  • Optimize website 
  • Develop applications
  • Use of  social media marketing 
  • Content marketing 
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Call to action
  • Email Marketing etc.

A digital marketing agency brings together a wide range of elements that we will not all cite … What is important is to know why you should worry about it. Here are the reasons.

1: Because your consumers are now digital

As a marketing manager, you know you have to position yourself where your consumers are. However, in Reunion, there are 593,000 Internet users (86% connected),  470,000 Reunion on Facebook  (or 57% of the population), and 1 Reunion out of 3 on Linkedin. There is no longer a choice, it is not an option, you have to go! 

Also, the behavior of these same consumers has changed. They now systematically start their research on the Internet on their needs, and more specifically on Google.

Hence the importance of being well positioned on the requests of Internet users. This is called SEO.

For your business, you no longer have the choice, you must make yourself visible and establish a strategy that goes beyond a simple presence on Facebooka strategy that will transform Internet users into customers

2: Because ROI is perfectly measurable

All actions performed on digital are traceable and measurable. The ROI of your marketing actions is finally identifiable, and your efforts recognized! You can identify and prove:

  • the number of visitors: how many Internet users came to your website?
  • the visit/lead (prospect) conversion rate: how many of these Internet users have converted (completed a form)?
  • the conversion rate lead/customer: how many leads they are necessary to achieve a sale?
  • which Facebook post generated the most leads which were then turned into customers which email has generated the most conversions etc.

Remember that the main interest of a digital strategy is neither the number of fans nor the number of visitors but the number of prospects from digital. 

3: Because the cost of acquiring a client is cheaper on digital

The cost of acquiring a customer (CAC) is the budget necessary to obtain a new customer compared to the marketing and commercial efforts provided. It is calculated by comparing all marketing and commercial investments with the number of customers obtained.

However, according to a Hubspot study, it is proven that the cost of acquiring a customer via digital marketing is 61% cheaper than a traditional marketing strategy! How is it possible? By using advanced traffic acquisition, conversion, and lead nurturing techniques, you compile a database of qualified prospects which is much easier to convert! 


4: Because digital marketing improves customer relationships

Your customers want a different relationship with your business: closer, more open, more transparent, and less intrusive. Thanks to technological innovation, digital marketing makes it possible to optimize this customer relationship: enter the era of marketing automation!

Marketing automation is a series of actions that are triggered – automatically, therefore – according to predefined criteria. You can now personalize your emails according to a registration for an event, the downloading of a guide … You are in the one-to-one relationship you have dreamed of for years!

By relying on inbound marketing techniques, especially on sharing expertise content, you will move up a gear with your customers! 


# 5: Because your competitors are probably already on the job

 We can see that digital is a differentiator and redistributes the cards. An opportunity to seize, which can also pose a threat to businesses that do not adapt. This has been proven by the arrival of new players who sometimes transform industries. 

Digital allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to offer a flawless customer experience. I would love to recommend you to get an idea and quote on your digital marketing plan through a web development services providing company. Cybexo is best in digital marketing branding and website design and web development company in Canada