The best civil engineering colleges in Maharashtra focus on teaching about the infrastructure of a city. However, civil engineers are not architects and the best civil engineering colleges in Mumbai train students on the practical and structural elements of a building rather than on the artistic ones.

Civil engineering covers a lot of ground about our surroundings and how things work and interact with these structures. These teachings provide a wide range of career options to a civil engineer such as:


  1. Construction managers: They are the absolute authority at any of the worksites where construction is on-going. They are required to know the most basic things like cost, team structure, time management, weather conditions, etc. to ensure that the work progresses smoothly. They are the eyes and ears of the management as well as keep a sharp lookout on the legal aspects of the building to ensure no problems arise.


  1. Geotechnical Engineers: deal with rock, soil and underground water and their relation to the design, construction and operation(maintenance) of engineering projects. They conduct ground exploration and characterization of soil or rock. They perform engineering analysis by studying soil mechanics or rock mechanics and develop, design and do the construction of structures in wide application areas such as foundations, pavements, retaining walls, embankments, earthen dams, etc. Monitoring the actual performance or behavior of soil during and after the construction phase over a period of time comes under purview of geotechnical Engineers. They are the people who give remedial measures under unsatisfactory performance of the ground. They are very highly paid and get to travel to remote locations as well searching for suitable places to build usable structures for society.
  2. Hydraulic Engineers: These people are concerned with the flow and conveyance of fluids, principally water, the movement, distribution, and management of water flow at surface and below ground. They need to lookout for any nature-related events and how to manage them. They are masters at flood control, places suitable to make a bridge or a dam, and canals, river training works so on. They have good opportunities to get involved in government jobs, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing application areas.


  1. Environmental engineers: They are the superheroes who take care of the planet by restoring landscapes around the country and the world. They are the ones called when there is an environmental disaster and nature has to be restored to its pristine condition. They can be found working in an urban setting where they design and create structures to provide a healthy environment inside as well as outside the house. They are employed by global corporations and not-for-profit organizations and are usually highly paid professionals.


  1. Public health engineers: They are responsible for the health and safety of the society by taking care of the water supply and sewage systems. They ensure that people in a locality, village, town, and city have access to clean water and live in a healthy environment.


  1. Transportation engineers: The transportation engineers ensure that public transportation within a city as well as inter-city or international travel happens with perfection. They are responsible for creating the subways, trams, highways, bus depots, train stations, airports, etc. required to ensure that society may move freely and without any problems at any time. Other than huge structures on a state or national level, they are also responsible for creating smaller items. A rain shelter at a bus stand is often ignored but has been created due to the foresight of a transportation engineer to ensure passenger comfort.


  1. Urban planning engineers: Urban planning for the general public is like playing with legos but on a much larger scale. These professionals from the best civil engineering colleges in Maharashtra decide where a building may be constructed in any urban or rural area. They are responsible for the smallest fencing structure on a public park to placing a prison inside a residential area. They are highly paid professionals, especially if qualified from one of the best civil engineering colleges in Mumbai.