Youtube has more than 2 billion users, and video watching has increased by 50% per year. This helps business owners and small business people to make a target audience. You need not be a director or an actor to create a YouTube video. It would help if you had a clear idea about what you’re going to convey to the audience. Below we have mentioned how to create YouTube videos to make your videos engaged. You need to have a look at how the YouTube platform works and how it brings ROI to its business. There are different types of ads, which are non- skippable and skippable ads. 


Non -Skippable ads 


These types of ads cannot be skipped by the users, and they have no other way they have to see the ads. It lasts a maximum of 20 seconds in length. Non- skippable ads get more engagement when compared to skippable ads where they have higher video views for the videos. But these types of ads sometimes have a bad reputation as it is forceful for the viewers to watch the video. If the ads are fine, then it will be shared in the other social media platform. 


Skippable Ads 


These types of ads are also known as true ads. These are skippable ads where people can skip the ads and most of the people like these types of ads. In-stream ads are 51% of ads where it runs for around 15-30 seconds. YouTube has suggested that if you want to have ads longer than this, then you want to video should be around 3 minutes.

In-display ads have the maximum time to run the ad. This type of ad takes the users directly to the YouTube video. Suppose you want to keep the video as a short one. You need to make the best of it. It is not that you need to follow only these types of ads where doing it short, sometimes it may get rejected. If you want to redirect them to your website and increase the traffic, you need to handle the traffic which you receive from your ads. Buy real YouTube subscribers to grow your YouTube channel and popularity. You need to set up the landing page, shouldn’t confuse the visitors, and the landing page should be a well-optimized page, and it should not confuse the visitors. 


In-stream YouTube campaigns have received more than 13 million views for the products for the specific YouTube channel. The channel focuses on the demographics and location in which they target the audiences where located. If you want to get more results on YouTube, you need to choose the target location and the demographics of the people you target. The best way to build the subscribers to your channel is by delivering engaging content on.


For instZagg’sZagg’s videos have made a lot of indirect videos. This made them increase the sale in the products. They made a video of Key scratching on the iPhone, and they used the technology and made a video of what will happen if we place 1000 lbs of weight in it. This made the people to stop worrying about the problems and have received better engagement for their ads.