Marketing has numerous forms and it is entirely up to you to decide which strategy you would like to use the promote a business. Given the fact that competition is tough in all sectors and the market is flooded with advertisements, it makes sense to think about what you can do to market your products or services without spending a fortune. There are less traditional marketing strategies that can be used to catch the attention of your target audience and guerrilla marketing is one of them. At we create a unique, different strategy for each of our customers.

When to Use Guerilla Marketing

People notice the things that stand out and they find it easier to remember them. This is also the case with marketing strategies. You have to identify a suitable method that can be used to capture attention, to stir interest and to generate sales. More and more businesses, especially those that do not have a huge budget for marketing campaigns turn their attention towards guerilla marketing and the advantages it brings. Professionals resort to unconventional methods to catch the attention of the consumers and to create a lot of noise about the product or service they market.

The good news is that provided it is done right  guerilla marketing  is very effective, provocative and memorable. What makes these strategies effective is mostly the shocking effect they have. People have a hard time forgetting something that shocked them, that made an impression be it good or bad. Its purpose is to find a way to surprise consumers and to create an emotional reaction. When they feel a strong emotion people will share it; emotions such as shock, surprise, delight, admiration, curiosity are difficult to stir in people via marketing.

Start-ups and small businesses do not have a lot of money for marketing; this is why they turn their attention towards a different type of promotion. They prefer to use less conventional marketing strategies, to focus on customer follow-up, to build long-term relationships with their customers and to show them that they care about what they have to say. Business owners have the possibility to resort to affordable marketing strategies that focus on making an impact, on connecting with the target audience and on relying on creativity instead of money.

Why Hire the Professionals at

We live in a modern, technology-oriented society and getting noticed, standing out is much more challenging than before. Users have access to all sorts of information and making a long-lasting impression on customers has become more difficult than ever. Nowadays, there is no guarantee that if you invest a large amount of money in marketing you will attract more people. At we are aware of the fact that our customers have different budgets and different requirements as far as marketing strategies are concerned.

We make it our priority to learn about the product or service we want to promote, so that we can find a unique, innovative approach. It is also part of our job to know your customers, to adapt to the changing market and to their evolving expectations. We are not afraid of trying new ideas, of implementing new strategies that will shock and impress your target audience. Our aim is to help you create a image that stands out for your business, an image that will not be forgotten any time soon. We love challenges, we embrace innovation and we will help you deliver a message to your customers that they will love.

At  we focus on using communication tools that develop emotions, that provoke reactions. We search for innovative ways that will help you reach the consumer and we are not afraid of using unconventional methods. People all tired of seeing the same type of advertisements all the time, advertisements that have little to no impact. They expect something more from marketing professionals, they expect to learn about a brand in an unexpected way. Our customers are the ones to decide how much they can afford to spend on marketing campaigns but we are the ones that will help them impress their target audience.

What Are the Features of Guerilla Marketing?

Just like traditional, conventional marketing methods, the purpose of guerilla marketing is to reach your target audience. The difference lies in how you accomplish that. Traditional methods rely on advertisements, email campaigns, tv campaigns, on using resources that most of the time require a large amount of money. Guerilla strategies on the other hand rely on creativity, innovation, shock and they can be effective even with a low marketing budget. People are open to innovation, to sensational news, to unconventional methods and a guerilla campaign is likely to have more impact than you imagined.

The whole reason of using guerilla strategies is to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Businesses should take advantage of technology to increase sales, they should resort to all the resources they have, be them creative, intellectual or financial. Advertising can be done everywhere, not only on tv or at the radio. Companies with a limited budget that want to reach a maximum number of people resort to creative guerilla strategies, which are:
• Innovative
• Shocking
• Memorable
• Affordable
• Effective
• Flexible
At we strive to find effective marketing strategies that will help our clients connect with their target audience on a deeper level. There is no rule that says that guerilla strategies have to be bold and flashy, they just have to be noticed. This is why guerilla advertising is done in public places, in the right places, in an environment where it stirs interest and curiosity. Our strategies can bring you more traffic but once this happens, you are the one that has to dazzle its customers, to impress them and to make them want to know more. Regardless of the type of marketing strategy you need, we are here to help and to make adequate recommendations that will maximize the result of your promotion efforts.