Babies are the purpose and reason that the world revolves around every day for its people.  Hence taking care of the babies from newborn to toddlers is the responsibility of parents that they do joyfully.  And with the recent COVID pandemic to add another more than 11 crore babies to the world by this year-end and the start of next year, the need for a baby care products manufacturer has increased now more than ever. It is to skyrocket to take its market value from 10.91 billion USD in 2017 to double soon.


Reasons for the increasing use of baby care products


There is a tremendous rise in the need for baby care products worldwide due to many reasons.  Though it is the responsibility of every parent to take care of their babies, the changing scenarios had made it easy for them.  An increase in the awareness of keeping the babies hygienic and healthy worldwide adds the rise to its sales.  The following are the reason for the increasing need for baby care products.


  • Increasing economic growth in developing countries like India and others increases people’s spending capability to buy baby care products
  • The rapid urbanization of many geographical locations has made it possible for people to access quality baby care products.
  • Increasing middle-class population from the lower classes also makes the demand for these products to increase.
  • Increase in the awareness of the benefits of keeping the babies from newborn until one month, infants until one year and toddlers up to two years also help in a big way.
  • Lifestyle changes, as per the digital world’s evolution, enables all to buy baby care products from anywhere anytime in the world through many e-commerce platforms.
  • With modernization and pollution, there are many rising health issues for babies like eczema and other ailments that need the right baby care products to prevent such issues.
  • The increasing affordability not only of the products to most of the places in the world but also at low costs is also a primary reason
  • The decreasing mortality rate of 6 % of the children under five years of age is another major factor for the rise of its use
  • Lastly, the increase of 11 crore babies in the next six months will also contribute to another tremendous spike in need for baby care products


The need for wholesale baby lotion manufacturer


Baby lotions are one of the major baby care products.  It should have the best ingredients not to damage the sensitive skin of the babies.  Only an excellent wholesale baby lotion manufacturer with years of making lotions for the babies can provide not only the best lotions for the babies but also their other care products.


Baby care product categories and their classifications


  • Skincare which includes baby oil, baby lotion, baby cream, baby moisturizer, and baby powder
  • Hair care includes baby hair oil, shampoo, and conditioners
  • Bathing products include baby soap, baby bath wash, shower gel, and others
  • Toiletries include diapers, baby wipes, baby fragrances, baby perfumes, and baby hand washes
  • Food & beverages include pureed food, cereals, milk products, bottled food, soups, and other baby food


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