Most flags carry out a historical legacy, so does the Texas state flag. If you are keen to understand the facts about the Texas state flag, read on this article. We have got some fascinating points that will surely deepen your love and respect for Texas. We’re a proud wooden American flag company with high-class expertise and accurate craftsmanship for crafting the wooden replica of the states’ flag. See the details and products for yourself at

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Keep reading to know what is in the history of the Texas state flag:

Texas’ flag is also known as the “LONE STAR FLAG.”

It is widely popular for its noticeable single white star that is solely responsible for its nickname called “Lone Star Flag.” And due to the same reason, the state is also nicknamed as “The Lone Star State.” Texans are proud of their flag and hold a high degree of respect and love for the flag. It is one of those state flags which have also served as a national flag earlier.

No One knows the real Designer of Texas’ Flag:

The actual designer of the flag is not known, since some people believe that Dr. Charles B. Stewart has either designed the flag or sketched the image of the Lone Star Flag. His representation was adopted by the Third Congress, but the actual designer is still a mystery for all. 

The colors found inTexas’ flag are the same as those found in the US flag:

Texas’ state flag has the same color pattern as the flag of the United States has. Both flags incorporate while, red, and blue color—white color stands for purity, red symbolizes bravery and blue for loyalty. So, the colors used in the state flag send a great message regarding the true fabric of Texas. 

The Lone Stardates back to the Texas Revolution:

The “Lone Star” reminds us of the Texas Revolution when Texans showed their unity as one for God, state, and country. The star was also used as a sign of harmony when the state got independence from Mexico. This is why the star is also regarded as the spirit of liberation.  

There is a controversial pledge of allegiance to Texas’ State Flag:

Texas’ pledge of allegiance to the state flag drew some controversies when a new phrase “one state under God” was added to the pledge. It was dragged in the court and drawn national inquiry, but the court denied the injunction. 

The pledge reads as below:

“Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.”

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