For an outside observer, the top mechanical engineering colleges in Karnataka and the best electrical engineering colleges in Bangalore appear to be cut from the same cloth. But electrical engineering colleges in Bangalore and mechanical engineering colleges differ quite distinctly.

Engineers from these colleges may be employed by the same businesses but they differ in how energy is used in their discipline. The electrical engineer focuses on the generation of power like electricity whereas the mechanical engineer’s focus is on the application of power.

Irrespective of the choice of discipline, the field of engineering is essential to make the current process better by introducing new ones. This needs invention, creativity, and the use of engineering principles to solve a problem even before they occur. Both of these fields are performance-oriented that rely on a mixture of strong theoretical knowledge and soft skills to perform their respective tasks.

The mechanical engineers focus on designing the handling systems like combustion engines, fans in an air conditioning unit, rechargeable batteries in handheld devices, technical glitches in these components, and oversee the manufacturing process. While the electrical engineer studies the usage of power and its generation and develops alternative ways to utilize electricity to improve efficiency or to reduce the cost of operation.

Both fields of engineering however tackle various problems that may come up during the design and development phase or even after the product has reached the consumer. The overlap between these two branches is that they both can be found working with the same kind of organizations that are involved in utility services, semiconductor manufacturing, navigation designs, and more.

Another thing common in them is the potential earnings through their study. The median pay for them both is similar though an entry-level electrical engineer may earn a bit more than the mechanical engineer. Either of these degrees eventually will help a professional with a few years of experience to reach the six-figure salary ranges easily. The exact amount that one makes however through these degrees is largely dependent upon the specializations that one takes during the study and their work experience.

Either of these fields leads to stressful jobs that have a lot of responsibility on an individual’s shoulders. Each field requires an individual to think critically to solve problems that may have life-altering implications. For instance, electrical engineers may work on medical devices that may detect or diagnose a serious disease better. They would require in this case to suggest or introduce methods that do not have any side effects.

Similarly, a mechanical engineer may be tasked with creating a motor that handles more weight or works more effectively. And the chance of a component failing always looms that can result in injury and further legal complications. So, they always have to work on a product while balancing performance against user safety.

The top mechanical engineering colleges in Karnataka also are the best electrical engineering colleges in Bangalore due to the strength of their faculty and industry-driven curriculum. Alliance University is one of those electrical engineering colleges in Bangalore that provides both of these engineering disciplines and also has an almost 100% placement record.