Mass communication has become a prestigious industry in the contemporary times. In India, mass communication has undergone a drastic transformation, particularly in the past 15 years. It has created a stunning furore in the country and has changed the way people used to perceive and receive information. Earlier, media was not so powerful and influencing in the country and job opportunities were also limited as compared to the scenario today.


The field is extremely challenging and tough and therefore one of the most engaging and exciting career prospects. Mass Communication from a reputed university offers you a glimpse on the inside of the industry and is imperative for you to hone your skills at par the industrial requirements.


Presently, this industry invites a large number of young and enthusiastic professionals for making a highly rewarding career in different streams of Journalism and communication. There are lucrative job opportunities for talented and competent people along with robust remuneration, promotion and limitless growth. A large number of news channels in English, Hindi and regional languages offer countless job opportunities in varied streams of the contemporary Media.


Journalism is one of the most preferably chosen work areas by today’s youngsters due to a large number of interesting offerings in this profession which include Sound Engineer, Film Director, Public Relations Officer, Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder, Special Correspondent, TV Correspondent, Producer, Radio Jockey/ RJ, Screenwriter, Art Director, Editor, Event manager, Video Jockey, Fashion Photographer Cartoonist, Illustrator, Critic and Photojournalist.


On the completion of their graduation from the journalism course in jaipur university or any other city, the aspirants can hope for working with the given below types of companies and areas of mass communication:

  • AIR – All India Radio, having hundreds of radio stations across India
  • Circulation and Public Relations department of various government and private companies
  • Central Information Service which is a purely government undertaking
  • Legal Affairs Department in both public and private sector
  • Journals
  • News Agencies both in India and abroad
  • Press Information Bureau which is also a government undertaking
  • Photography Companies, reputed studious
  • TV Channels in Hindi, English and various regional languages
  • Radio Broadcasting Companies, particularly the private ones
  • Websites Periodicals and Magazines, Newspapers, Advertising Agencies
  • Books and Novels
  • Broadcasting Corporations

Career in mass communication is widely in demand and thousands of aspirants apply for courses in mass communication doing specialization in its various streams. Due to the incredibly rising rush and craze for media among students, a large number of government journalism colleges and private universities have come into existence in all the major cities of the country.


In the recent past, journalism course in jaipur university have earned a formidable reputation for providing highly practical and job-oriented courses where a large number of students not only from India, but also from abroad are studying mass communication for a bright future. One can appear for an entrance examination which these colleges conduct every year in the month of May or June.


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