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Category: Tech


SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce in 2020 

At Exaalgia, we look for ways to make sure your website pages are ‘sticky’. Improving page stickiness means using e-commerce best practices for good user experience to evaluate the entire website identify opportunities to keep shoppers on the site for a longer time and then implement changes while making improvements based on collected data.


Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software Technology Application 

Add a higher level of security to your business property with our Patrol Points app. It’s a cutting-edge security guard tour system app that allows companies to monitor patrols, collect and analyze information in real-time. It permits you to send and receive notifications, update security patrol details, and keep track of patrol locations and activity in your property. Our guard tour app is user-friendly, cost-effective and of course, it can be easily installed in Android smartphones and laptops. For more info, click here